About US

Welcome to SGP Car Insurance - a Singapore based car insurance portal that lets you compare and deliver the most competitively priced car insurance policy in your palms in the most convenient and simple way. 

Let SGP Car Insurance help take the hassle out of sourcing. Not only do we save you money and time, we are rewarding all customers with vouchers for every purchase made through us.

Why choose us

Committed to finding you the best price and saving you time

We know that the best way to source for the best quotes is by comparison. By working with a panel of agencies/insurers, you can be sure that we have the capacity to get you the most competitive insurance quotes by the next working day.

*Not for policy with claims history and/or high performance/ luxury models of vehicles.

Best Deal for your Car Insurance

Besides getting the most competitively priced insurance for your car, 
SGP Car Insurance is rewarding vehicle owners with shopping/petrol vouchers everytime you make a car insurance purchase through us. Our service is free and there are no hidden charges.

Helping you make an informed choice

Our partners are professionally certified -  they are equipped with great product knowledge and they will ensure that you are getting the coverage that is most appropriate for you. Contact details of the agents/agency will be provided in the quotation for you to gain direct access for advice.

Managing your car insurance

Staying with the same insurance company for renewals may not be a financially savvy choice  as all insurer’s price formulas varies. We will rehash the same processes year after year. You can be sure that you will be as yet getting the most aggressively valued insurance plan.

Respecting your privacy

We will never offer your data to any other individuals/businesses or to utilize it to make undesirable calls or mobile phone messages. All details provided will be used with regards to your car insurance quotes only.

Protected And Convenient Purchase Process

Most people prefer to pay by credit cards but if you would like to pay using a cheque instead, always make sure it is made payable directly to the insurance company. 
Credit card installment plans for some insurers are available.